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Zero Waste Mindset offers the following virtual workshops:

Sustainability Engagement Workshops

How to Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle Webinar

What better way to begin 2021 than by training your staff on how to adopt zero waste and sustainability-related habits and routines!
This interactive talk is a fantastic way to initiate or add momentum to the conversation in an organisation about sustainability. Attendees will learn about the philosophy behind zero waste, the zero waste hierarchy and be taught tangible changes they can make in both their thinking and actions around consumption, waste and even their diet.

Zero Waste Lifestyle Workshops

Clothes Mending Interactive Follow-along Webinar

This series of workshops focuses on a different repair skill in each session, for example how to mend small holes and seams, how to sew on a button, basic hand stitching or how to darn a sock. We can also offer a refresher session for those who have sewing machines but haven’t used them for a while. Participants will be invited to sew-along at home and complete or at least start their repairs during the session.

Part of each session will also involve a live consultation where participants can send photos via the webchat of items they want to repair and the instructor will offer advice on how best to approach the job and what they might need.

DIY Natural Cleaning Product Workshop Series

With cleanliness and hygiene an important topic at the moment, each of these sessions will teach participants how to make two natural cleaning products they can use in their homes – all made with simple and inexpensive ingredients.

Participants will be invited to join in at home making the products along with the instructor.

Examples of sessions we can run include how to make a laundry liquid & dishwasher tablet, how to make a toilet cleaner & an all-purpose spray.

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