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Zero Waste Mindset offers the following virtual workshops:

Sustainability Engagement Workshops

Workshop 1: Lessons about Social, Business & Climate Resilience from “The Most Important Living Beings On Our Planet”

To celebrate World Bee Day on Wednesday, 20th May, we are running a special interactive webinar to celebrate the world’s best pollinator and explore the lessons we can learn from them about resilience as individuals, businesses, societies and as a species.

During this interactive session, participants will learn all about the huge role bees and other invertebrates play in the ecosystem and vital web of biodiversity that sustains us all, and how human-caused climate change is threatening their existence and this critical system.

As a group, we will discuss what actions we can take at all levels; as a society, as businesses, and as individual citizens to support, protect and regenerate our biodiversity. Participants will then be invited to make pledges of what they will do.

In the final part of the session, participants will learn how to make a bug hotel using recycled materials for their windowsill, balcony, or garden.

Workshop 2: Positive Climate Outcomes and Opportunities Offered By The Global Pandemic

Society has rapidly adapted, coordinating near war-time efforts to mobilise healthcare systems and moving entire populations from physical to virtual environments. But what has the secondary impact of this shift been? The impact on our planet? Where is the good and what can we learn from the Corona outbreak?

This workshop will touch upon several positive trends that are being felt around the world as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak when looking specifically at climate change. It will pose challenging questions about what this could mean for society and 'business as usual', to leave participants with a new perspective on climate change and their own role in protecting the planet for years to come.

Workshop 3: Climate Conversations

Climate change is here and we need to act fast. But it can be hard to figure out how we ourselves fit into the bigger global solution.

This workshop trains people on how conversations create real change by changing the way we think (and think together); and how conversations can empower all of us to engage in climate action and make change - even when change is hard.

Participants will look at how we can have more and better conversations about climate change while simultaneously building the social fabric we need to navigate peacefully through a dramatically changing world.

Zero Waste Lifestyle Workshops

Zero Waste Cooking Workshop Series

With people now working from home, the majority of them are cooking far more of their meals from scratch. With the availability of certain food items and ingredients being reduced, or at least becoming less consistent, this series of webinar workshops will teach participants tips and recipes to be creative with the food and ingredients they do have, and help them reduce their food waste.

Run by an expert zero waste chef, participants will also learn tricks, systems and best practices around how to optimally store foods so that produce and ingredients can be kept fresher for longer. Participants will also be encouraged to join in at home and ‘cook along’ with the instructor.

Clothes Mending Workshop Series

This series of workshops focuses on a different repair skill in each session, for example how to mend small holes and seams, how to sew on a button, basic hand stitching or how to darn a sock. We can also offer a refresher session for those who have sewing machines but haven’t used them for a while. Participants will be invited to sew-along at home and complete or at least start their repairs during the session.

Part of each session will also involve a live consultation where participants can send photos via the webchat of items they want to repair and the instructor will offer advice on how best to approach the job and what they might need.

DIY Natural Cleaning Product Workshop Series

With cleanliness and hygiene an important topic at the moment, each of these sessions will teach participants how to make two natural cleaning products they can use in their homes – all made with simple and inexpensive ingredients.

Participants will be invited to join in at home making the products along with the instructor.

Examples of sessions we can run include how to make a laundry liquid & dishwasher tablet, how to make a toilet cleaner & an all-purpose spray.

Wellness/ Wellbeing Workshops

Mindful Chocolate Tasting /Mindful Eating Meditation Workshop

With the upheaval, uncertainty and stress people are feeling around the Covid-19 virus, providing mindfulness workshops can help staff manage stress, harness creativity and equip them with tools to manage their mental health.

Did you know that we use the most senses when we taste? This workshop is focused on mindful eating and de-stressing. Participants will explore this practice through the medium of chocolate tasting during this fun, calming and relaxing session.

(Please note:  Participants will need to provide their own chocolate!)

Feldenkrais Workshop

The Feldenkrais Method is essentially ‘group physiotherapy’, all about heightening our awareness of our movement, breathing and posture.

This workshop is perfect for those who are currently spending extended periods inside and a lot of time sitting down. The session will teach participants to move more freely, with greater ease, flexibility and grace to permanently improve posture, balance and coordination.

Participants will simply need a mat or carpet to lie down on to participate in the session.

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