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We can deliver workshops for clients in Birmingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh, London and Manchester. 

Educational/Training Lunch & Learns

Adopting Zero Waste New Year’s Resolutions

As we enter a brand new year, what better way to begin 2022 than by training your staff on how to adopt zero waste and sustainability-related New Year’s Resolutions!
This interactive talk is a fantastic way to initiate or add momentum to the conversation in an organisation about sustainability. Attendees will learn about the philosophy behind zero waste, the zero waste hierarchy and be taught tangible changes they can make in both their thinking and actions around consumption, waste and even their diet.

Valentine's Day Zero Waste Workshops

Recycled Valentine's Day Card Making Workshop

This is an arts and crafts workshop with a difference, and an opportunity for participants to show their partner or loved one how much they care, but in an environmentally friendly way!

Participants will be able to use their arts & crafts skills to create a unique, personalised card using a variety of scrap paper, magazines, flyers, old cards and other materials. All materials and equipment are provided.

Zero Waste Lifestyle Workshops

Zero Waste Beauty Product Making Workshop

During these exciting workshops participants will learn how to make zero waste personal care products that avoid the need for single use packaging and using mostly ingredients they will already have in their cupboards at home!

We offer a series of different themed beauty product workshops, covering topics such as Zero Waste Essentials, Body Care, Hair Care and Skin Care.

Participants will learn how to make a product such as a coffee scrub, bath bombs, a deodorant, body butter and more. Importantly, all of the products will be made using ingredients that are organic, vegan and cruelty free!

In addition to reducing waste, the workshops are also designed to help participants to make the transition to a more natural and chemical-free beauty regimen.

They will learn about different natural ingredients so that they can customise the products they make to suit their own cosmetic, aromatic and dermatological preferences.

DIY Natural Cleaning Product Making Workshop

(This workshop is available for clients based in Birmingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh & London)

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With cleanliness and hygiene an important topic at the moment, this fun and thought-provoking craft workshop provides participants with the opportunity to make zero waste, natural alternatives to common household products - all made with simple and inexpensive ingredients.

Participants will learn how to make their very own set of natural cleaning products along with recipe cards to replicate them at home.

Examples of products we make include laundry liquids, dishwasher tablets, toilet cleaners & all-purpose sprays.