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Special 'Plastic Free July' Workshops & Events

We are offering our special Plastic Free July workshops for clients in Birmingham, Cambridge, and London. 

Practical Workshops

Mindful Hot Chocolate Meditations Workshops

Mindful Hot Chocolate Tasting Promotional Photo.JPG

Did you know that we use the most senses when we taste? Chocolate is an exciting ingredient with even more flavour complexity than red wine, making it the perfect ingredient to explore in this way.

To promote Mental Health Awareness Week, using the principles of mindful eating and professional chocolate tasting, participants will be guided through a gentle meditation that utilises a special "Slow Hot Chocolate" blend that will allow them to pause and connect with mindfulness and awareness through the medium of delicious dark chocolate.

Feldenkrais Workshops

Feldenkrais Promotional Image.jpg

If your employees would prefer a mental health related activity that is slightly more dynamic, the Feldenkrais Method is a very gentle group bodywork practice (sometimes also described as Moving Meditation), focused on heightening our awareness of our movement, breathing and posture.

This workshop teaches participants to connect with their bodies and their breathing, and helps them move more freely, with greater ease, flexibility, and grace to permanently improve posture, balance and coordination.

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