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Employee Sustainability Engagement Training, Workshops & Events

Our Mission

At Zero Waste Mindset, our mission is to transform how people think about sustainability and their relationship with this beautiful planet we live on.


We help our clients put sustainability at the top of their agenda through campaigns of workshops and events designed to elevate employee engagement around sustainability and change employee behaviour around consumption, use and waste.


Zero Waste Mindset was set up by its Founder, Alexander Furey.

He is also one of the Co-Directors of Zero Waste London, the largest zero waste community in the UK, and he is on mission to reverse Global Warming in his lifetime. 

Our Workshops & Events

  • Online Workshops

    & Events

    We now offer a series of interactive online workshops & events related to well-being and sustainability, specially designed for employees of companies who are now working from home.

  • In-Person Workshops

    & Events

    Unfortunately, due to the current Covid-19 situation, Zero Waste Mindset is not currently offering any In-Person Workshops & Events.

Why Zero Waste Mindset?

Our diverse portfolio of corporate events and workshops help our different clients in different ways:

Co-Working Space Companies

  • Provide fun, engaging yet informal networking opportunities for your clients to meet each other.

  • Create an ethos of community within your co-working spaces.

  • Provide value to your clients and offer another USP to potential clients.

Large & Medium Organisations 

  • Compliment and reinforce your company's existing sustainability initiatives and messaging.

  • Demonstrate to your staff that your company has a commitment to sustainability - staff will be left with an experience that sustainability is an issue that your company is serious about, committed to and willing to invest money in to train and educate their employees about.

  • Improve collaboration, communication and relatedness between colleagues and teams.

  • Increase levels of innovative and creative thinking.

  • Enhance companies' corporate social responsibility (CSR) profiles.

  • Use the events or workshops to act as a catalyst to launch a company-wide campaign on a particular sustainability or well-being theme.

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